My hope is that this page is a place for you to gain the confidence to enter into the important work of self discovery, pursue whole-hearted living, and find life, and joy, and freedom.   

Here you'll find posts about spiritual formation, calling discernment, and find some amazing new books!


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meet AJ

I'm passionate about spiritual formation, the care of souls, and vocational development. This blog will feature some of my thoughts and you'll get to hear a lot from my friends along the way!

I'd love to connect with you for coffee (or tea) and learn more about you and how I can help you flourish. The first one is on me.


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My focus


Calling Discernment

I believe that any and all type of work can be Kingdom work. I'm here to help you discover your passion. 

Vocational Flourishing

I believe in living a life that promotes whole person wellness. I'm here to share about my journey and the process toward understanding vocation.

Spiritual Formation 

I believe in contemplative spiritual practices that help ground us in God's Spirit. I'm here to join you in the formative process of discipleship.