I once had the chance to sit with the out-going Foursquare President with a group of soon-to-be credentialed ministers of the Foursquare Gospel. Sitting in his office, overlooking the beautiful Angelus Temple, Echo Park Lake, and the Downtown LA skyline, Glenn shared from his heart and experience something that I have held onto.

Glenn said (something like), “If someone thinks highly of you and recommends you for something, honor that person for thinking well of you and let your name stand.”

It is 100% likely that his actual words were more eloquent and concise, but the impact it had stayed with me.

I have long appreciated the Quaker’s emphasis on community discernment and affirmation. When we are faced with a challenge, or find ourselves at a crossroads, how wonderful it is to lean into our community to help us hear from God. I think Dr. Glenn is gently encouraging us in this direction.

A few weeks back, a mentor and pastor reached out to me and invited me to apply for a job he thought I would be good at. Truthfully, I didn’t think I was qualified for the job, and we’ve been making this work for us where we are at. However, taking Glenn’s advice, I wanted to honor Chris and his thinking well of me, so I applied to ‘let my name stand.’

There are experiences in life that are humbling. Thinking you did great on a project and getting a low score. Assuming you are in good shape and participating in a Spartan Race only to big-time barf at the end (and thankfully not in Bryan’s car!). Then there are those experiences where someone thinks highly of you, perhaps better than you see yourself, and you land in a totally unexpected opportunity. For me, that looks likes starting a dream job at my Alma Mater, APU.

There are a number of things that are coming to an end with this new beginning. My ‘sabbatical season’ has been so wonderful and restorative. I am thankful to Kristen for countless things, particularly for this past season of rest and re-discovery. A week or so before I applied, I told Kristen I was ready to get back into the workforce full-time, and it looks like Jesus was listening too.

There are some good things in store for this next season as well and I am so thankful for the timing if this incredible, totally unexpected job!